The Process

Luke & Kim ceremony 9.JPG

First Meetings

At our first catchup we’ll meet at a café or a pub, a bit like a blind date.  You decide if I’m the right person to be your wedding celebrant. Hopefully it’s a yes and then we lock down the date.

We’ll meet again (this time at my place or yours) to chat about all thing’s ceremony related.  Before this catchup I email you a questionnaire to get you thinking about key aspects of the ceremony and what you envisage for the big day.  We’ll discuss the structure, wording, readings, order of ceremony, vows and legalities (marriage certificate, witnesses) and anything else you may like to add in.  This is where the bonus wedding planner piece comes in offering lots of ideas and vendor contacts if you need them. I’ll then draft the ceremony and send it to you.  It usually has a few minor tweaks to get all the finer details.


The rehearsal or what I like to call the practice run is usually the week prior to the big day. We work through the logistics and order of events for the ceremony.

The Big Day

Before you know it, your wedding day has arrived. I arrive early to ensure everything is set up and organised. The ceremony begins, it’s awesome.